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Like so many others, I originally came to the “Valley of the Sun” to visit family and while here, fell in love with the Arizona sunsets, mountains, desert terrain, warm climate and southwestern lifestyle; and like so many others, I made Arizona my permanent home.   It was always my dream to become a Realtor, so with a huge leap of faith and strong desire to pursue my dream career, I began my exciting real estate journey in 1985.   Being a Realtor requires a full time commitment, extreme dedication and deep desire to serve the general public. The knowledge, skills and expertise I have learned are priceless and that “on the job training” remains constant and ongoing every single day.  Over my past 27 years as a Realtor, I have watched Maricopa County blossom and grow into one of the top largest cities in our nation. I am extremely proud to be part of this beautiful, progressively vital, independent and diversified state.  During that time, I have served hundreds of satisfied Sellers and Buyers with their real estate needs.  Our real estate Market today is currently moving in a positive upward trend after 4 devastating years of price reductions.  For those who are not aware, our real estate values have increased 30% + over last year.  This is good news for many Seller’s who have been “under water” for a long period of time.  Our housing industry definitely turned another historical corner in the year 2012.     Many Seller’s are not out of the woods yet, but the price appreciation we have seen in the last 12 months will now permit many Seller’s to do a “traditional sale” versus a “short sale”.  Principal Buyer’s, 2nd Home Buyer’s & long term Investors have not seen such low interest rates in decades.  These lucky Buyer’s can now afford to purchase a nicer, newer and higher priced home for a mortgage payment that is usually less then what they would pay in rent.     Whether you are in the market to Sell a distressed property (under water), downsize or upsize, buy a dream home for your family, or as a long term investment, there is no better time than now to do just that, and timing is everything in life!  As your real estate professional, I will evaluate your personal situation, and explain your options before you make a Move!  I will apply my knowledge, years of experience and acquired skills to guide you through the whole process.  Knowing all of the facts and having reliable information is key to making any real estate investment decision for your family. I will always promote and serve your best interest first and foremost.  If you are a Seller, contact me for a Free Property Analysis and Evaluation of your present home.  If you are Buyer, contact me for a Free Screening Consultation and receive a Complimentary List of homes matching your search criteria.


Nancy Lenz
Nancy Lenz
Arizona Realtor

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